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Study on plant Gums and their new development in application: with focus on tragacanth, guar and arabic Gum; a short review

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Gums refer to a type of polysaccharides which are used to increase viscosity and create some other functional properties such as thickening agent, emulsifying agent, stabilizer, crystal inhibitor and so forth. They are classifying based on their nature and originality including, microbial, plant, exudate and animal Gums. This article shortly reviews a group of plant Gums and recent findings in their application. Gums or Hydrocolloids are main compounds which create stability of emulsion via entering into water phase. The importance of these compounds is on viscosity and electrostatic reactions to stabilize nonalcoholic emulsion with below properties; 1) easily soluble in cold water, 2) the lowest amount of viscosity in water, 3) having maximum level of emulsifier amount, 4) no creation of gelling. Diversity and functionality of Gums and regarding their still novelty in food industries have made Gums one of the main additives in food formulations. Since sourced of Gums are different we must focus on using them together to improve their synergistic effect but interactions among them and combined matrixes produced by them also need to be studied in details.

Об авторе

F. Hassanpour
Islamic azad university

food science and technology department, Isfahan (Khorasgan) branch, 


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Hassanpour F. Study on plant Gums and their new development in application: with focus on tragacanth, guar and arabic Gum; a short review. Вестник Воронежского государственного университета инженерных технологий. 2016;(4):148-150.

For citation:

Hassanpour F. Study on plant Gums and their new development in application: with focus on tragacanth, guar and arabic Gum; a short review. Proceedings of the Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies. 2016;(4):148-150. (In Russ.)

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